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Riverboats valley


Twenty kilometers south of Kočevja

Lies an idyllic valley riverboats . Kupa is the border between Slovenia and Croatia. Long is 292 kilometers. Originated in Nagorno Kotor in Croatia. Near the village of Osilnica is poured into the river Čabranka . From there, the Kupa which 120 km creates a natural border between Slovenia and Croatia.

Throughout its length Kupa offers the possibility of boating , fishing and swimming during the hot summer days, even for the most sensitive and pampered as the water temperature reaches up to 27 degrees.

Due mostly flat and quiet roads , the area Kolpa Valley is very suitable for cycling. Hikers may cross one of the many marked trails .

In the area between Faro, Kostel, Kobiljo cave and Moravice is more vital energy sources . At these locations, the energy behind the stone pillars on which are engraved or embossed signs . cosmograms that emit certain information in the space . In this way is to be activated the active force that area.


Cultural heritage in this area is very rich.

Above the current Kupa reigns Kostel Castle with a rich history. In written sources, was first mentioned in 1336 as "castrum Grafenwarth" meaning fort, fortress, refuge, until 1449 as a Cost. Old records mention that he had the bones of their court also tried to death. As proof of this we have "gavge" standing a mile away from the castle.


 Riverboats valley - peaceful and unspoilt naturenarava


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